Nostalgic!! Books Important for Acting.

Here are a few books which I read when I really started attracting towards the Love for Books.

Books Important for Acting.

The love for Books was driven by Acting only at that point of time but slowly the fever for Books went like Viral.

I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was around 2005 or maybe 2006 when I started thinking of finding these Books and get some knowledge of Indian Theatre literature and I got to know about Stanislavsky theories. My reading and understanding abilities of English language was not good at all at that time, So I decided to go with Hindi language but trust me English would have been way easier than understanding Hindi one in this case, it was way too tough Man!!!

I did read a couple more books but found these while shifting and wanted to make them part of my next blog post.

There are numbers of Books which we can start and can keep on reading one by one. However, I think these a few are the basic and necessary ones to real. Must Read!!

Saying that I really want to mention if I really did grasp anything out of these books or not. I will be real honest that initially, I couldn’t understand anything out of these, Mainly from Stanislavsky One, but then slowly-2, I started getting it and there were a few things which seemed like connected to me as an Actor but the only one thing I remember which clicked and linked me with the theory and Felt like most connected.

Somewhere in the beginning of the 1st book of Stanislavsky, it says that the New Good Actors are really energetic and they just start everything like any scene or role with a lot of energy and because of their less experience they can’t hold that and make scene either monotonous or Boring.

That’s how exactly I was when I started Acting, asking co-actors to Slap in real to get feel in the Scene, falling from here and there on stage or being Hit or Hurt mentally or physically during rehearsals or final performances.

one of that happened recently when I was hanging from 3rd floor without any major security measures while shooting my Film (Umakant Pandey Purush Ya……?) and I think, I still carry the same energy and madness for Acting.

I felt great finding that fact in the Book which I connected with.

We have always heard “Books are Our real Friends”. I personally feel and accept that quote, considering from the background I come from, Books are the only knowledge source I have. And because of the Lockdown recently, I could start depositing in my knowledge Bank again by reading more Books. I only like reading motivational Books now and recently finished “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” by Rashmi Bansal and started “Who Moved my Cheese“.

I have read many foreign writer’s books but now I want to stick to Indian Writers for a while to understand and connect with our Indian mindset instead of looking at things from Foreign point of view. To be very honest, I want to keep it only within Film Making for a while, So I just read about Film Making or Acting to progressive towards my Acting and Film Making Goals but who knows, WHAT THIS LIFE HAS NEW COMING FOR US!

All my Actor friends, Please suggest us Books which You connected with while preparing for Acting. Keep Going!! Keep Acting!!

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