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Ajeet Kumar is an Indian Actor who appeared as Lead Actor in the Hindi feature films “Umakant Pandey Purush Ya…..?”(2019) and Gutter Boy-A Journey to The Hell! (2020)

He was born and raised in Krishan Vihar, New Delhi and completed his schooling from Govt. School and graduated from Delhi University in B.Com(H). Adding on, He started acting professionally since 2002 after his Schooling along with Theatre Activities in his College as well.

Initial Training includes workshops with many NSD professionals Like Tripurari Sharma, Rajesh Saini and more through his College’s Dramatic Society of Satyawati College and other professional Theatre Groups running in Mandi House, Delhi.

He has majorly been involved in Comedy plays and Roles!

To Fulfil his real Dream of working in Films(Bollywood), He went to Mumbai first time in 2005 and had to come back in 3 months. After that, He started working in the BPO industry in Delhi to earn his Livings.

However, He continued performing plays and some short films dreaming of going back to Mumbai again.

Then finally, He moved to Mumbai permanently again in 2010 and stayed there for a few years trying in Film & Serials. That’s When He got the chance to work with some big production houses like UTV Bindass, Sony TV, StartPlus, Shahara TV etc.

After that, He decided to come back to Delhi to start with his own Production. A feature film “Umakant Pandey Purush Ya….?” produced by Reeling Media Services which took a long time to complete and finally released on 1st Feb 2019. Ajeet Kumar has Played Title Role of Umakant Pandey in this Film.

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