Gutter Boy – Another Title added to the career!


Gutter Boy (A Journey to The Hell!)

Any Artist or Actor is Happiest when they hear about their next project is released successfully or creative buzz all around!
Ajeet Kumar, An Indian Actor better known for his first Feature film “Umakant Pandey Purush Ya….?” released in 2019 is ready with his second project. The Second Feature Film, Ajeet Kumar completed in Lead is Gutter Boy (A Journey to The Hell!). The Film’s post-production was completed in January 2020 However the Covid situation didn’t let the Film grow as all the film festivals and Screenings went on Hold. Finally, the situation was better and The Film started getting platforms to Screened at different Film Festivals all around the world including Bridge International Film Festival, Greece, Darbhanga International Film Festival.

The special thing is that the film has won its nominations in the category of Best Direction, Best Feature Film, and Best Story. And now Gutter Boy is going to premiere on 28 May at 7 pm at the UKAFF Film Festival.

Ajeet Kumar plays the challenging title role of a gutter boy(Sandeep) in director Anupam Khanna Baswal’s realistic film Gutter Boy. The central character of the film, Sandeep, belongs to a poor, low-caste family. He moves to the big city in the hope of a better life, where he is given a job as a gutter cleaner. There are some unfortunate people who clean up the filth created by humans. Sandeep is also a similar character.

Ajeet Kumar told that I had seen people cleaning the gutters but never imagined doing so. Then I took it as a challenge and forgot myself and became Sandeep. My first day of working inside a gutter made me feel disgusted as a human being.

It was challenging for Ajeet Kumar to play the role of a Gutter Boy, however being from a theatre background, he was able to play it effortlessly. Ajeet Kumar is highly excited to have got a place and nominations in so many film festivals because of his work and the Film Gutter Boy(A Journey to the Hell!).

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